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Can I Help You Achieve Your 2018 Goals?

Over New Years I ran a 2 day 2018 goal-setting, vision-mapping, obstacle-clearing workshop for a handful of my very top clients. This isn’t something I sell, it was just something I wanted to do this year for a few select clients.

Here’s what they walked out of the event with:

1) a list of 3 or 4 Core Desired Feelings for 2018 (based on Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map tool which I think is the best goal setting book in the world).

2) An Abraham-Hicks inspired list of 6-12 specific, measurable outcomes for 2018 as well as a list of likely obstacles and how the person who overcame those obstacles handled them.

3) A “predominant thought of the year” for 2018 that will instantly help them figure out what to do when things are manifesting according to the plan. (Informed by the brilliant work of Brooke Castillo and her Self-Coaching model)

4) And just for some extra neuro-science soaked fun, a vision board and a patterned language guided visualization to be used daily to reprogram neural pathways to make their goals a reality.

This is not something I sell and it’s not related to anything I do. There is no marketing trick here, no upsell, no funnel, no conversion path, and certainly no attempt at branding or design. BUT….

If you’d like my step-by-step notes on the process I took these authors through, go to

I posted this on Facebook and since over 300 people asked for it I figured I would share it with you here.

Just for fun, I’m including the Vision Board I made, here. I just looked at last year’s and every damn thing is checked off except one thing that is already scheduled to happen this June. Yippee!


Let’s make 2018 Awesome.

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