You’re Still That Girl 

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Book Description

Get over your abusive ex for good and never make the same mistake again!

Are you struggling to move on after an abusive relationship? Did a narcissist break your heart (and almost your spirit), and you’re still lost in heartbreak? Are you afraid of getting involved with the same type of man and hurting all over again?

Recovering and healing after an abusive relationship is a difficult journey. You may no longer recognize the woman in the mirror staring back at you. Suzanna Quintana understands the darkness that a victim of abuse dwells in and what it takes to recover. A survivor of abuse at the hands of a diagnosed narcissist, Suzanna Quintana offers a life preserver to those still drowning in the pain of their heartbreak.

In You’re Still That Girl, Suzanna shows you the way to:

  • Liberate yourself from your painful past and become emotionally detached from your ex
  • Learn the difference between real love and abuse disguised as love
  • Find your voice and trust your instincts again so that you won’t make the same mistakes
  • Learn valuable tricks and tips for dealing with a narcissistic ex who is still making your life miserable
  • Get back in touch with the girl you used to be and get back to living a life you always dreamed of

If you’re tired of hurting at the hands of your ex and ready to leave the darkness behind, read this book, catch the life preserver, and let Suzanna help pull you to shore.

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