Your Script For Hope


Book Description

Create Your Miracle of Healing Now. Transition Peacefully Later.

Are you not ready to give up on life? Or is your loved one confronted with a devastating diagnosis? Are you willing to move heaven and earth to create your own miracle?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then author Petra Frese, fondly known as “The Death Coach,” can help you through this uncertain time with self-determination and love. In her book, Your Script for Hope, Petra pulls from her experience as a scientist and hypnotherapist and years of coaching clients in the USA and Europe to guide you out of despair and into a place of comfort. In it, she will counsel you on how to:

  • Calm your fears about death so they don’t keep you up at night anymore
  • Master your physical and emotional pain so that you don’t miss out on the joys of life any longer
  • Awaken your self-healing powers and work your wonders so that you are not stuck in despair
  • Take back the reins on your life so that you don’t feel overrun by others
  • Prepare for a peaceful transition so that you don’t lose your dignity and love

Tender-hearted and inspiring, Your Script for Hope is a reliable guide to navigate a difficult time.

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