Your Hypnosis Career


Book Description

An inspiring Hypnosis Career to heal and empower others.

This book is for women over 45 who always put others first, you raised your kids or had an unfulfilling job and NOW it’s your turn. Your reward is a thriving Hypnosis Practice.

When you read this book you’ll discover:

*Quick and easy processes to get you ready to offer work that you love.

*The biggest mistake most hypnosis schools make and why often students
don’t end up with a successful practice.

*How to quickly get a return on your investment.

* Negative beliefs that hold you back and how to change them.

Reprogram conditioning of your past so you can serve others.

* And much, much more!

If you are ready to learn new skills and offer your life experience to help others, here is a fulfilling map to follow.

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