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What if we all have a superpower we didn’t even know we had?

Over the past two decades, there has been a quiet revolution in the human species.

We’re seeing something that looks like a science of miracles.

On a regular basis, specialists and researchers are working with stroke victims, those with acquired brain injury and Alzheimer’s patients, as well as those seeking to improve memory, attention, creativity and overall brain function, to bring about radical and previously unguessed-at changes in the brain.

They’re developing games and ‘brain aerobics’ to reverse memory and function loss in the aging, using active pleasure to unlock brain addiction, teaching mindfulness for beginners to chronic pain sufferers, and measuring the dramatic positive impact of meditation, gratitude and sensory pleasure.

But what if it goes even further?

In her work as the Sweet Relief Coach, Janette Dalgliesh lives by, and teaches, the principles of deliberate creation, known to many as the Law of Attraction through books like Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling The Secret as well as through the work of Abraham-Hicks.

But she always felt there was a missing piece of the puzzle; a gap between the sub-atomic world of quantum physics, where everything is energy and consciousness has been proven to affect outcomes; the macroscopic, classically physical world of everyday reality; and the intangible world of the esoteric and spiritual.

There is plenty of growing evidence for the links between physical, mental and spiritual well-being; but how do they work?

Janette’s journey of enquiry began when she encountered leading American psychiatrist and author Norman Doidge at a writers’ festival, where he was launching his bestselling book, The Brain That Changes Itself. She devoured the book on her journey home – nearly missing a train stop – and discovered a deep passion for this extraordinary new brain science; the world of neuroplasticity.

Were the mystics and philosophers right all along, when they claimed that humans have the power to create their own reality, physically and literally? Could this science reveal the biological ‘missing link’ that helps us understand how an altered reality is possible?

In this wide-ranging exploration of the relationships between the brain, consciousness and reality itself, Janette draws on the work of scientists, researchers and authors from Jill Bolte Taylor, VS Ramachandran and Rudolph E. Tanzi to Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza and Don Goewey.

This book explores, in plain English, the wilds of brain chemistry, confirmatory bias, species-specific interface and more.

It seeks to find out how the brain presents us with our reality, and whether you can turn this extraordinary knowledge into your superpower.

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