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Book Description

You must get approval for your real estate development project; you need the Public Hearing Plan

You need approval for your development at your upcoming public hearing so that you won’t lose money, lose face, and alienate your investors – or worse. You already know that the public hearing has its own pitfalls. You may even be lying awake nights worrying about them. For more than 20 years, Katie Coates has been helping her clients get approval at their public hearings, even on projects that have been deemed lost causes or “hopeless”. Her special blend of analysis, strategy and real-world experience will help you get approval, too.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome opposition
  • Find supporters, even in a hostile environment
  • Formulate a plan so you have a greater sense of control over your project’s destiny
  • Get elected officials to listen to you instead of only listening to the opponents
  • Prevail at the public hearing and get approval for your project

Readers are Saying…

Yes Vote outlines a system that works to engage the community in the public review process. I have worked with Katie Coates, and her methods help developers obtain the approvals they seek. I highly recommend this book.”
– Bhavesh Parikh, Development Director, Hines

“This book is an amazing review of the psychology of the groups that make decisions affecting developers’ ability to realize their dreams. Developers shape our communities and their plans are often limited or stopped by surprisingly simple-minded groups or individuals. Ms. Coates uses a sharp razor to help developers cut through the bureaucratic process with a clear strategic approach that shows her deep understanding of the psychology of this process. I am not surprised to see that she gets the yes vote for 90 percent of her clients.”
– Stephen Openshaw, Ph.D., Psychologist and Organizational Consultant

“Katie Coates helps her clients in getting approval at public hearings. Yes Vote provides a comprehensive, step-by-step program that will give developers the strategy, tactics, and mindset they need to get approval for their own projects. …”
– Phillip Schwartze, President, PRS Group

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