Work-Life Brilliance


Book Description

If you’ve been searching for that elusive work-life balance oasis, or if you’ve ever described yourself as “super-busy,” this book is for you. There is a way for you to feel more fulfillment and ease in all parts of your life: health, work, relationships, and home. But you won’t find it by trying to “balance” your time. For over a decade, Denise has been lighting the way for corporate humans, showing them simple steps to reducing overwhelm and achieving profound fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

In Work Life Brilliance, author and executive coach Denise R. Green teaches you:

oHow to reduce stress now, and for the long term.

oHow to shift negative thoughts instantly and create a naturally more positive outlook.

oThe truth about why you’ve failed to change habits in the past (hint: it wasn’t your fault) and how to trick your brain so you can change any habit for good.

oHow to say no with grace, not guilt—and build better relationships, results, and relationships in the process.

oHow to sleep better, no matter what you’ve tried in the past.

oHow to build relationships that help you be your best.

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