Winning Your Parents’ Approval For Divorce


Book Description

Want a divorce but too afraid of your parents’ reactions?

Are you feeling stuck because your divorce would upset and disappoint your very traditional Indian parents? You probably deeply want your parents’ blessing and support so you can leave this marriage. The good news is that you don’t have to figure this out on your own! Author, motivational speaker, and certified divorce coach Cindy Gunraj went through this same experience and successfully deepened her parental relationship.

In Winning Your Parents’ Approval for Divorce, she teaches you:

  • Ways to break through this cultural taboo without damaging your relationship with your parents
  • The 7 secrets to feeling ready to leave your marriage… even after fifty!
  • How to know which decision is right for you and which one is not
  • The 5 biggest mistakes women make when they’re thinking about leaving their marriages

Moving on from your marriage with your parents’ support is closer than you realize when you have Winning Your Parents’ Approval for Divorce as your guide.

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