Why is Everyone Having a Baby But Me?

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Book Description

Do you wonder why you are experiencing recurrent miscarriages?

Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy is soul-crushing. One miscarriage is heartbreaking, but recurrent miscarriages can be devastating. You may feel betrayed by your body. Why do your miscarriages keep happening, and what did you do to deserve this? You may ask yourself…will I ever become a mother?

Author Monisha Ramgahan suffered seven first trimester miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, a premature birth, and a premature loss during her struggles to become a mother. She understands the mental and emotional anguish that repeated pregnancy loss can cause, and knows how difficult it is to make sense of those losses.

In Why Is Everyone Having a Baby but Me?, you will discover:

  • Why you are losing your babies, even though there is nothing physically wrong with you
  • How to be around other mothers without letting grief consume you
  • Why the connection between a mother and her child does not end with death
  • Tools to navigate the complicated emotions of miscarriages
  • How having a relationship with your lost babies will help you on your journey to motherhood

You’re not alone in your loss. If you’re ready to understand why these miscarriages keep happening to you, Why Is Everyone Having a Baby but Me? will be your roadmap through your grief.

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