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How did I get here?
What happened to my life, my dreams, and my bright, shiny future?
When did I stop being smart and high potential?
Do I need a career change?
What’s my purpose?
Isn’t there something more I could/should be doing?
How do I find meaning and challenge?
Is it supposed to be all about work-life balance and avoiding burnout?
Is it too late to make changes and get back on track?
And how do I make changes that stick?

I’m afraid that I’m stuck with this life, stalled, and that maybe I’ve settled. If you’ve been thinking any of these things, you’ve found your book! Whether you are struggling to launch your dreams or experiencing that mid-life career funk, get ready to be lured to the bright side. This is Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron meets Bossypants by Tina Fey.

Maggie Huffman woke up one day and found that she was caught up in the struggle to find career/life balance, and that wasn’t at all what she had planned. Somehow, life had just “happened” and she didn’t actually remember making any big decisions to get there. She was so far off track from what she had hoped her life would be – back in the days when she had potential. How to get back on track? She took what she had learned from running large corporate projects and added in elements from her experience as a multi-faceted life coach. She created a “personal change management strategy” and tools to go beyond coping with personal change into the realms of actively defining and choosing – and engineered her own life transformation.

Maggie shares with the readers her process of self discovery for reconnecting with their dreams, talents, health and spirit in order to redefine where they want to go and to begin living their authentic life. Along the way, she also shares some very solid tools to make plans and changes that stick.

Through this process you will:
•rekindle hope and possibility
•discover your talents and super powers
•clarify your vision of how you want your life to be
•choose what changes you want to make – large or small
•learn the tools to make the changes & make them stick
•recognize inspired action

“The author takes you on a journey that is fun, deeply moving and intensely personal, ending up with a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for life and all its possibilities. She does it with a style that is engaging, quite funny yet very practical.

I remember, in college, writing a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 30. I kept that list until my 30th birthday. Let’s just say, I hadn’t accomplished much from my list. AT ALL. And the realization of this sent me into one hell of a quarter life crisis, where I marinated in a near fatal depression for years. I wish I would have had access to this book back then. Maggie’s irreverent, smart, non-BS approach to life-navigation is spot on. Thanks to Maggie’s experience and wisdom, change management is not just for big business any more, and that’s a very good thing. If you’ve ever compared yourself to a list of things you were ‘supposed to do’ and fallen short, this is your new bible.”

Amy Pearson
Queen of Radical Results

“Maggie Huffman’s breezy style has intention and invitation woven through it: there is transforming purpose here, people!

Maggie offers practical steps to discover the authentic life, the one that feels true and balanced from your tippy toes to the top of your hair. Sure, this is a book that you read but it’s more a book that you “do.”

Maggie writes with an easy mix of humor and practical wisdom, just the kind of company you want to keep on this journey. I laughed quite a few times reading this – other times, I got real quiet as a phrase shone like a beacon off the page right into me.”

Kimberly Ayers
travel curator, broadcast journalist, front-row alto
occasional contributor at www.thecaliforniareport.org

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