Where is My Wife and What have You Done With Her?


Book Description

And if women think they don’t have the resources to understand and cope with the changes of perimenopause and menopause, men are really left out in the cold! Whether the relationship is a year or two old or a marriage of a quarter century or more, men find themselves looking at the woman they fell in love with and wondering who this strange, different creature is.

Jeanne and Jesse Andrus tackle the question most on the minds of the spouses of midlife men – Where is my wife and what have you done with her?

Written for men by a menopause expert, Jeanne Andrus answers her own spouse’s questions, and responds to his frequently irreverent quips at a level designed for his needs. And, just as important, the pair provide clues and tools to recreating the bond between husband and wife, man and woman, as they move in to what can be the happiest and most exciting phase of their lives.

Whether you’re a woman looking to help your spouse understand the changes you are going through or a man looking for the woman he married, this book has the answers.

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