When Marriage Needs An Answer


Book Description

If you knew how to make the relationship better, you would have done that years ago. That doesn’t mean there aren’t real answers to the issues in your marriage.

Every marriage struggles occasionally, but sometimes the problems feel insurmountable and we think the only answer is to make the heartbreaking decision to leave. The distance between you and your spouse widens, the resentments mount, and you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing ever changes.

Bestselling author and master life coach Sharon Pope knows that marriage is complicated, and that the biggest questions of our lives rarely have easy answers.

In When Marriage Needs an Answer, she equips you with the very best relationship tools to give your marriage that one last and best effort to see if real change is possible. Sharon shares personal and client testimony, offers guidance on how to approach one of the biggest decisions of your life, and helps you to:

  • Learn why up to 74% of marriages are failing right now – and how to apply this to yours
  • Know if hope actually exists for your struggling marriage or if it is beyond recovery
  • Soften the anger and pain you feel toward your partner
  • Understand why it’s critical you choose the right people to discuss your struggling marriage with, and why the wrong choice can end a marriage worth saving
  • Recognize what keeps women stuck in indecision (and how to overcome it)

When the question is stay or leave, let Sharon help you decide.

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