When Life Breaks

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Book Description

What is the real cost of divorce when children are involved?

You can calculate the legal and economic costs associated with divorce. However, there is no way to calculate the devastation a divorce has on the children involved. They become innocent bystanders, screaming in silence as their lives are affected the most. Despite the insurmountable challenges you face as a co-parent, it is possible to successfully raise your children, and co-parent without the stress.

In When Life Breaks, bestselling author Tanzania Davis-Black draws from her personal journey of raising children through divorce and offers the techniques she developed to make a difference in her children’s lives.

When Life Breaks will show you:

  • Why cooperation is the first step toward healing
  • How to obtain emotional emancipation
  • How to achieve dynamic communication
  • How to provide the necessary education for your children
  • What to do to receive restoration for healing

Now that the divorce is over, embrace a new reality for you and your children….and let the healing begin.

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