Wake Me From The Nightmare


Book Description

Wake Me from the Nightmare helps people awaken from the nightmare of suicide loss.

Survivors of suicide loss are left to live in a chronic state of shock, horror, and devastation. Broken and raw, they forge on, while plagued with pain, disruptive thoughts, and unanswered questions. The terrain of traumatic grief is complicated at best and precarious at worst. R. Jade McAuliffe understands this balance. After losing her sister in 2015, what kept her alive was her refusal to stay quiet and her willingness to stay connected, and on the other side of her personal wreckage, she found brand-new life. McAuliffe shares her discoveries, including how acknowledging pain will help to heal it, why protecting energy is vital for maintaining health and sanity, why people don’t have to “get over” their loss in order to heal it, and so much more. Wake Me from the Nightmare guides readers to a safe place where they can move through their own emotional wreckage—and save their own life.

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