Unclutter Your Spirit


Book Description

Your stuff has been trying to get your attention.

What if the stuff in your home was much more than just… stuff? What if the things around you were a direct map to what’s going on inside you: your beliefs, your resistance, your story of your past, your fears and doubts, and also your joy and your connection to your inner wisdom?

Your home has the power to show you where you’re on track – and off track – and bring you back into alignment. In the process of cleaning up your physical stuff, you connect with your inner wisdom, unlock your creativity, raise your vibration, and create room for what you want more of in your life.

The real magic lies in the combination of clearing clutter and clearing the attachments you have to your stuff at the same time. The attachments are the inner blocks, limiting beliefs, and unprocessed memories that keep you stuck at a subconscious level. Using mind-body techniques, such as muscle testing and tapping, you can release inner blocks you weren’t even aware of, that affect every aspect of your life.

This book will help you: use the everyday items in your home as a treasure map to uncover hidden resistance to growth and development; unravel old stories that are no longer serving you, and release your past; let go of limitations that get in the way of your authentic self; release what no longer serves you: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual; expand your comfort zone and reach your unlimited potential; come into alignment with who you really are.

Drawing on a combination of practical clutter-clearing exercises, mind-body techniques, and spiritual wisdom, Unclutter Your Spirit encourages and inspires you to reach your next level of personal and professional growth by releasing what no longer serves you.

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