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Learn to create the post-divorce life you want—for you and your kids—with this personal and practical guide to never settling for less.

Being a divorced parent is never easy, but it is one of the richest opportunities you’ll ever have to make bold, life-changing choices about who you are, how you raise your kids, and what kind of example you want to model for them.

In Un-Settling, life coach and divorced mom Maggie McReynolds helps you identify where you’ve settled for less, how to stop, and how to get more out of life for you and your children. With the wisdom of personal experience, Maggie shares advice on how to:

* Get past guilt, get over grudges, and get rid of the emotional yuck that’s holding you back
* Find the balance between being your kid’s best friend and your home’s sole disciplinarian
* Establish healthy boundaries and reliable lines of communication with your ex
* Leverage the life hacks and secrets of divorced moms who play life on a big scale
* And much more!

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