Twice as Good


Book Description

Now is the time for women of color to step into their distinct power and be the transformative force for good at work.

With the emergence of the #MeToo, #TimesUp, and #BlackLivesMatter movements, as well as the election of the most diverse and female Congress in history, America is experiencing a referendum on what power and leadership looks like. Women of color are the answer to that referendum and uniquely positioned to assume powerful roles in the country.

But first, we have to be honest about the misogyny and racism that women of color experience at work and in their lives. In Twice as Good, Dr. Mary J. Wardell, an expert on diversity in the workplace and women of color in leadership, writes a stirring call-to-action for women of color who are ready to step into their power. Twice as Good will show you:


    • Why your work community needs you to be the courageous leader


    • The truth about why others fail to recognize the leadership capacity of women of color


    • Ways to bring your passion and perspective into work to advance your leadership


    • Stories from women of color who successfully aligned their personal power and cultural identity into their leadership


  • Practices for taking the necessary steps to becoming a leader

Twice Is Good is your guide to harness the power to lead across all areas of work life, take a stand on issues that matter to you, and leverage your distinctive capacity for building inclusivity and community now.

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