TV Writer By Day, Novelist By Night


Book Description

Do you already write for a living, but know you have more to say?

Do you secretly dream of having a novel with your name on it sitting prominently on bookstore shelves?

TV Writer by Day, Novelist by Night can help you make that happen.

It is a supportive guide to turning your novel writing dreams into reality. At times both humorous and poignant, the author leads the writer along a path of self discovery and growth, uncovering answers to some of the most often asked questions:

  • How to find the time to write
  • Where to find inspiration
  • What to do when the words stop flowing
  • How to overcome self sabotaging thoughts
  • How to navigate writer’s roadblocks, like well intended advice, busy schedules, family and career demands and loss of enthusiasm

Loaded with helpful exercises to facilitate the writing process and proven methods on quieting the thoughts that prevent writing, this book will take the writer from start to finish in a 7-step program.

Utilizing a lifetime of experience in writing and personal business development, Kim Benjamin shares many of the same techniques she uses with her clients as a writing coach.

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