Turn The Tide


Book Description

Over the past 25 years, Kathy Obear has helped thousands of people in workshops and coaching sessions learn to effectively navigate difficult workplace situations. Now, she shares the tools and skills of her 7-Step process, The Triggering Event Cycle, so you can take back control of your emotions and successfully rise above toxic work environments.

In the spirit of Brené Brown and Martha Beck, Kathy uses stories and realistic examples to make these concepts accessible and easy to apply in your life. Her book is full of tools and exercises designed to help you rise above workplace drama and create greater teamwork, productivity, and innovation in your organization.

Discover practical tools to:
• De-escalate unproductive workplace conflict
• Interrupt automatic fight or flight reactions
• Identify what is fueling unproductive reactions
• Take back control over your emotions
• Rebuild working relationships
• Turn the tide of workplace drama with greater ease and confidence
• Minimize feeling triggered in the future

Join Kathy on this transformational journey and make this invaluable investment in yourself!

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