Trump Care vs. Obama Care

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Book Description

If your family’s health care costs are no longer affordable, it’s time to take control.

In today’s world of skyrocketing costs, constantly changing regulations, and robo-call vendors pushing new insurance products, this has never been more critical. Become your family’s Chief Financial Officer and learn to look for value and safety when shopping for health care by understanding the innovative tools and new models of care that are being developed today. Jennifer Dailey will help guide you through this process, teaching you:

  • Why your parents’ traditional approach to health care and health insurance is no longer working, and how to avoid mistakes from the past
  • Why it’s up to you to take control – the government isn’t going to fix your health care for you anytime soon
  • How to access and evaluate innovative new health care models in your area
  • Which new tools and technologies empower you to compare and evaluate health care costs
  • How to consider your health risks and how to ask the right questions in order to purchase the best level of coverage for your family
  • The secrets to why hospital bills are so high and how and when you can negotiate them

In a country with run away health care costs, many people are facing high deductibles and some are facing premiums that exceed their mortgage or rent payments. It’s time to go on the offensive and learn what’s possible. This book is your gateway to getting there.

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