Transform Yourself Through Disease


Book Description

Take back control of your health and your life

A health crisis is one of the most challenging situations you will experience in your lifetime. It leaves you frightened, confused, and asking, “Why did this happen to me?”

Transformational coach Rory Reich knows this feeling personally. He experienced his first healing crisis when he was twenty-five, and, without anyone to guide him, he struggled to find the answers that would give him back his health and happiness. Twenty years later, the life he had so carefully constructed to keep him afloat came crumbling down. The Universe had offered him another challenge. He chose to accept it, and to rediscover who he was before it was too late.

In Transform Yourself Through Disease, Rory shares his personal journey alongside practical steps to help you regain your confidence, motivation, and personal strength. You can reconnect with the core of your being and change your health and life by learning how to:


    • Rediscover what is important to you


    • See the challenges in your life as opportunities


    • Be more empowered while facing life’s oppositions


    • Release fear and doubt and to trust yourself


    • Take the next step in your process of transformation


  • Reclaim your health and your life

Don’t let your health crisis define you. Take the next step and transform yourself.

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