Tiny Transit For Cities

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Book Description

Want to cut carbon emissions in your city, improve transportation safety, and boost accessibility? Think small.

Tiny Transit for Cities is a how-to guide for Councils of Governments (COGs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) searching for practical ways for their cities to cut carbon emissions. Susan Engelking, founder of Tiny Transit Strategies, describes an innovative, proven solution: protected networks for small, low speed, low cost, low emission vehicles.

In Tiny Transit for Cities, you’ll learn:

  • Why LEAN Networks (Low Emission Alternative Networks) are the future
  • Lessons from early adopters
  • How to build LEAN Lanes with the crumbs of major transportation projects
  • Why the prime directive is “safety, safety, safety”
  • How to introduce this game changer to your member cities – and the quickest way to build a groundswell of popular support

Tiny Transit is safe, low speed, low cost, low stress, low emission, climate-conscious mobility for this generation and those to come. For cities, this concept is a game changer. For the nation, this new transportation alternative is a step toward economic resilience, reduced carbon emissions, and energy independence. Don’t stay in your lane.

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