Thriving with Hypothyroidism


Book Description

Thriving with Hypothyroidism is an empowering guide for women to lose weight, keep it off, and live a vibrant life despite having hypothyroidism.

Women with hypothyroidism often feel like the disease is hijacking their life, sabotaging their efforts to lose weight, keep it off and preventing them from living an energy-filled life. Many women with hypothyroidism have been told that “Your thyroid test came back in the normal range!” or “The dose of thyroid hormone you are on is perfect!” yet they still feel hypothyroid symptoms. Or maybe they’ve been told, “Your weight gain is not due to your thyroid. Maybe you’re eating too much and not getting enough exercise!” It sounds all too familiar, and it’s a vicious cycle!

After Anna Austin was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at such a young age, Susan Tucker did everything she could for her daughter to get to the root cause of the symptoms Anna was experiencing, even after starting medication. Thriving with Hypothyroidism is about empowering women to take an active role in their health in stopping the progression of thyroid disease and not settling living with symptoms for the rest of their lives. Susan and Anna help people understand that there’s more to preventing hypothyroidism than just taking medication. Rather, women can improve symptoms and thyroid function through a more natural, whole-body approach. Thriving with Hypothyroidism comes from 20 years of research, personal experience, and education in getting to the root causes of Susan and Anna’s own hypothyroidism. Susan and Anna share how to stop the progression of thyroid disease, lose weight and keep it off, and have a more energetic life!

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