Three Guys Walk Into A Bar


Book Description

Every freelance creative I know dreads the “party question” – “So… what do you do?”

After more than 29 years working as a freelance creative in Europe and the US, Jim Shields has developed a method for determining the best answer to that question. One you can communicate to your clients, to your prospects, and most importantly to yourself.

Inspired by the likes of Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, and Derek Sivers to question the current wisdom, Jim set out to create a pathway to help creative professionals define themselves and carve out a profitable, and MEANINGFUL niche for their work – from veterans to those just starting out. You are now holding the treasure map to that coveted sweet spot.

Having interviewed dozens of creative individuals representing all sides of the industry, from photographers to composers to designers and film makers like himself, Jim outlines the most effective ways to structure your relationships with clients, to focus and sharpen your creative efforts, and to create a framework for a more successful career.

Three guys walk into a bar… one of them is going to work less, do better, and be happier. Which one are you?

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