This is Me Bipolar-Free


Book Description

Heal your bipolar disorder and create your healthy, authentic, fully-lived life now!

Traditional therapy and medications have taken you as far as they can, but you still live in fear of that next relapse. You diligently manage your life to avoid a manic or depressive episode, yet you can’t become the person you know you truly are.

If your body, mind, and soul are crying out for relief and you dream of a day when your mental illness no longer controls you, then This Is Me, Bipolar-Free is the beacon of hope you’ve been searching for.

In This is Me, Bipolar Free, best-selling author Kate LaBrosse will show you:

  • That you are not crazy. You are not alone. You are most definitely not broken.
  • That true healing is truly possible.
  • That finding your joy is not your destination point – it is an actual step in the healing process.
  • How to stop being controlled by the rollercoaster of your own emotions and how to start using them to guide you out of the darkness.
  • How to use food, supplements, and somatic techniques to heal your brain and bring your body back into balance.

This is Me, Bipolar-Free is the lighthouse that will guide you back to your own, whole self and put you on a course to fully heal your disorder. Now is the time. Find your true power and use it to heal yourself.

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