Therapy Tales


Book Description

Do you want to find your true self and live with confidence and love
This book offers a step by step process through your fears, and misconceptions and will take you home to your true self..
We all have a place with-in us of peace, courage and love. Contact with this higher self gets shrouded by the defensive strategies we unconsciously set up to protect us from emotional pain.
This book will teach you how to:
· Take the six steps through your defenses that will take back to your true self
· Understand your triggers and how to manage them
· Find your mask and re-claim the parts of yourself that were lost
· Uncover your limiting and unconscious beliefs and create new possibilities for your life
· Let go of the habits of childish thinking
If you are serious about creating a life filled with joy and passion, you need this self-mastery book.
In this book you will be given a set of tools that you can use in an ongoing process to help you.
· Understand yourself and why you do the things you do.
· Grow emotionally and spiritually.
· Bring you home to your true self, to love and the courage to create the life you want.

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