The Well-Referred Dentist


Book Description

You’re a great dentist, but that’s not enough for you to be successful in your practice.

If you are an accomplished dentist who wonders why patients continually miss appointments and don’t follow your recommendations, know that you’re not the only one plagued with these questions. In The Well-Referred Dentist, Dr. Bita Saleh addresses the missing factor essential to patient compliance in all stages of dental treatment by identifying and resolving the patient’s “triad” of obstacles – their fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs.

As a highly-skilled and dedicated dentist for 30 years, Dr. Saleh has discovered an effective process to alleviate the triad of obstacles experienced by patients. Now, Dr. Saleh shares her step-by-step program to show you how to:

  • Quickly recognize the hidden signs of fear, anxiety, and limiting beliefs
  • Discuss this sensitive topic with patients so you can reach a mutual resolution
  • Resolve your patient’s triad of obstacles in the most time-efficient manner
  • Help patients requiring urgent care reduce their fears and anxieties by 35% in 4 minutes
  • Create a customized plan for each patient that identifies and resolves the root cause of their issues
  • Create an easy-to-follow maintenance protocol

With The Well-Referred Dentist as your comprehensive guideline, you can finally have the practice of your dreams.

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