The Spirit Connection


Book Description

Want to connect with your child who’s passed and understand the signs they send you?

Do the signs you get from your child make you confused as to what they’re trying to tell you? When you receive signs, do you find yourself wondering if it’s real or just your imagination? Do you long to be able to talk with them, see them, or feel them around you? Do you feel like you’ve been “just existing” since your child passed?

After Erin’s daughter, Ava, passed, Erin learned to connect with her in Spirit – and that you can connect with your lost loved ones, too. Spirit communication is a gift that everyone possesses. In The Spirit Connection, author, speaker, and bereavement coach Erin E. Chandler walks you through the simple process of how to tap into this connection with your child in Spirit, end the suffering, and start living again.

In The Spirit Connection, you will:

  • See what blocks you from your child (and how to remove those blocks)
  • Learn how to receive and understand the messages your child is trying to send you
  • Gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Go from “just existing” to being excited about life and the future
  • Move forward in your life, knowing your child is right beside you

It’s possible to connect with Spirit and your child on a consistent basis and know without a doubt that they are there with you. As Ava says, “It’s time to live, love and laugh again!”

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