The Secret Art of Selling Insurance

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Book Description

Attract the right clients who will step up your sales game!

Sometimes people go into sales thinking it will be easy or it’s a surefire way to make extra money on the side. It might work for some pyramid sales operations or selling candles and creams; however, becoming a sales professional takes hours of training and discipline. Insurance sales takes an added burden of knowing that you are definitely doing the right thing for the human being relying on your professional opinion to make the appropriate decision among sometimes dozens of options protecting them from losses. You can master the secret art of selling insurance that will save you both time and money. You only need guidance to make money in an effective, compassionate, and ethical way.

In The Secret Art of Selling Insurance, award-winning educator and top sales producer Ana-Maria Figueredo helps you to level-up your sales game by teaching you to:

  • Clearly identify who needs your products and why they should buy them from you exclusively
  • Pursue your clients in a non-invasive way to make them feel at ease
  • Pinpoint how to meet the right people for success without wasting your time and resources
  • Identify what makes your solutions special to stand out from the competition
  • Get the reputation of being the go-to insurance professional in your circle to grow your referrals and business leads organically

Learn industry secrets, find the right insurance customers, and get the professional recognition you deserve!

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