The Profitable & Stress-Free Eye Doctor


Book Description

Rise and Become an Ortho-K Expert

Imagine a patient walking into your practice, eager to pay out-of-pocket for a concierge-type, detail-oriented specialty eye care service. This could be your reality. If you’re one of the eye care physicians whose income relies solely on insurance companies’ reimbursement, then deep down you know you need to break free from this dependency.

Fed up with low revenue and long hours, veteran eye care physician Dr. Connie Vuong decided to pivot. Dr. Vuong took her passion for eye care to the front lines of the fight against myopia (near-sightedness) in children. Her weapon of choice? Ortho-K therapy.

In The Profitable & Stress-Free Eye Doctor, Dr. Vuong invites readers to learn how she was able to create a successful Ortho-K specialty practice, where she works just two days a week and 98% of her patients pay without using any type of insurance. She even expands on:

  • How to start and be known as an Orthokeratology expert in your area
  • How to build a clientele of patients who mainly pay out-of-pocket
  • How to earn more with less work hours
  • How to attract patients who desperately need you for their nearsighted children
  • How you can make a significant contribution to so many young lives

More profits and time await you. Start your Ortho-K specialty practice now and join Dr. Vuong’s mission in preserving children’s eyesight for a brighter future.

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