The Paws Principle


Book Description

Are you a Vet? Do you want to improve your practice?

In Nov 2014, business consultant and industry outsider, Scott Baker, was asked by a select group of Australian veterinary practices to offer his assistance in increasing the profitability of their businesses. Through extensive investigation involving hundreds of hours of interviews with over 147 staff from 32 practices, Scott identified the number one cause of lost profits for each of these practices – ineffective front desk management.

This book is a fascinating and candid look into the results of that study, but more importantly, creates a concise roadmap any veterinarian or practice manager can use to increase conversions, and, therefore, profits, right at their front desk.

Read on to discover:
• What a profitable front desk looks like and how to know if you have one.
• Why your front desk is most likely draining your profits right now, and how to identify and plug the holes in your leaking bucket.
• Why transforming your front desk is the answer to 7 out of 10 problems your practice faces every day.
• What veterinarians, practice owners and managers must understand and communicate to staff before attempting any changes to their front desk. Neglect this and you’ll have a mutiny.
• How your front desk holds the keys to achieving maximum compliance from every client, turning them into loyal, life-long supporters, who will never consider going to any other practice.
• How to equip your front desk to handle any situation with ease and confidence, regardless of the circumstance.
• The three questions a particular front desk asked each of their clients which increased appointment conversions 524% in one month.
… and much more.

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