The Mother Within

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Book Description


This passionate and heart felt guide reveals the author’s own journey and invites other childless women to acknowledge their maternal selves, accept their personal journeys and to more openly share who they are as a means of redefining the face of childlessness in the wake of misguided social assumptions. In the vein of those who have spoken openly about being childless, such as Jody Day, author of Rocking the Life Unexpected and Founder of Gateway Women, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinoa, who shared her story of infertility in The Silent Sorority and Melanie Notkin, who wrote Otherhood, this short book is an effort to contribute to the expanding conversation and visibility around the growing number of childless women.

This book is for women who desired to have a child and now live with the knowledge that it will not come to pass. It is for women from all paths of childlessness who are trying to redefine what it is to accept this journey and live a meaningful life.

This book offers hope and a way forward for women who feel that others don’t understand or accept the circumstances that led to their childlessness. It is also for women who consciously chose not have children in unfavorable circumstances, such as an unhealthy relationship or environment, a lack of resources, or an already overpopulated world, who also grieve their unmet desire to have a child.

The author considers the journey from the perspective of self, others and the world in a reflective process that spans your relationship with yourself and others and the potential of the collective influence of childless women in our communities and across the globe.

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