The Holistic Lawyer


Book Description

Be an ethical, competent lawyer…without overworking.

Lawyers, is your mind spinning and constantly thinking about work? Do you feel burdened with responsibility for your clients? You want to be competent and fulfill ethical responsibilities, but it takes hard work. To feel confident about your decisions and performance, you tend to overextend yourself. Have you wondered if there is a way to keep up your standards without getting overwhelmed, even as a lawyer?

Building on her successful New Billable Hour system, lawyer and productivity consultant Ritu Goswamy now reveals tools to level up your practice even more, using one of your biggest resources: your own brain.

You will learn:

  • Why lawyers overwork…and how to stop
  • How you can use your brain instead of letting it use you
  • Why working hard to prove competence is counterproductive
  • How increasing your emotional intelligence makes you more ethical
  • What steps to take to work more efficiently

The Holistic Lawyer will teach you how to move from overwhelm to efficiency and reach maximum success in your professional and personal life. The legal profession is changing rapidly. Are you ready for something innovative to keep you on the cutting edge? It’s time to work smarter, not harder; let Ritu show you how.

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