The High School Sweetheart’s Survival Guide to Uncoupling


Book Description

What does life look like after divorce from your high school sweetheart?

You loved deeper and more courageously than most people you know. Now, you stand on the threshold of divorce, and it feels like your heart has been ripped out. But that pain is not for nothing. You live life to the fullest and have followed your heart to this moment. Now, you are ready to move forward with confidence and certainty in your life.

Uncoupling from your high school sweetheart is more complex than most situations. If you are looking for community, guidance, and for someone who knows exactly what you are going through, author Karinne Piat will guide you through this highly emotional and pivotal transition from your marriage and into the next chapter of your life. As a deeply spiritual and open-hearted healer and mother, she has traveled this path and will show you how to get through it, too.

In A High School Sweetheart’s Survival Guide to Uncoupling, you will:

  • Adapt the transition to your children’s needs
  • Experience a kind, caring, and generous separation
  • Pay the absolute minimum in divorce fees
  • Negotiate an agreement that satisfies your needs
  • Get a good glimpse into your future

Don’t let divorce dismantle your life! Let Karinne Piat help you find out how to move forward from the relationship that once defined you.

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