The Grief Cure


Book Description

Heal Your Broken Heart Completely and Step into Your Best Life Ever!

It’s hard to imagine ever getting over the sudden loss of a parent. Your love for them is beyond words and your bond is irreplaceable. The pain from this loss can be so consuming that you just want to rewind time to when they were still with you. You want a break from the sadness, upset, and insomnia that consume your life.

Alyson Franz lost her father, who was her best friend and life-long support. Through her journey of healing, she learned how to rebuild her life after this huge loss. With additional training in transformational healing and coaching, she has been helping others heal from grief and other losses. In The Grief Cure, she shares her revolutionary approach with you. You will learn:

  • Why the death of a parent feels excruciatingly painful
  • Ways to release your emotional pain and feel better immediately
  • What you can do to end your suffering for good
  • Why traditional talk therapies and medication rarely work to heal grief
  • How to move from feeling overwhelmed with grief to a new purpose

The Grief Cure combines personal experience and the newest modern discoveries to help you rebuild your life after the loss of a parent. Buy it and step into your power now.

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