The Ethical Exit

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Book Description

The Ethical Exit is written to encourage readers that a positive life and career change is possible, inspire them to dream of a life they love, and empower them with the necessary practical tools to make their dreams possible.

The Ethical Exit is a glimpse into my journey as recovering corporate career chaser who left her comfy job to embrace a life that I love. It is a practical exploration into how I dreamed, planned, and executed this shift in my life. It offers you the practical tools steps and supports for you to do the same.

A couple key points:

  • Based on my own experience and years of private coaching, I know that many people are currently living as I was – going through the motions and feeling empty and unfulfilled for years.
  • They are afraid of making a change due to the responsibilities and reputations they have built around their careers. They are successful, smart, and miserable.
  • They want more out of life than the status quo and are desperate to know it is possible. They are desperate for a plan. This book will help them do just that.

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