The End Is Near

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Book Description

I have got to figure out what to do with my life!

Sound familiar? Are you staring down the barrel of an empty nest, wondering what in the world you’re going to do with yourself once the kids are grown? Do you find yourself online, googling things like “choosing a second career,” “finding purpose,” or the ever popular, “What to do with my life”? Have you gotten so desperate that you’ve even resorted to consulting your kids’ old magic eight ball, just to be told to “ask again later”?

Go ahead and throw that magic eight ball away, because the answers are here in The End Is Near. You’ll learn:

  • The real reasons why you have no idea what to do with yourself once your kids are grown – yet.
  • Five simple steps to turn complex issues into concise solutions.
  • How to discover what gives your life purpose beyond parenting.
  • The difference between Hard No’s, Hard Yes’s and Should’s.
  • How to move seamlessly from the role of full time parent to the role of empty-nester.
  • And much, much more!

Author Amie Eyre Newhouse combines her 24 years as a Registered Nurse helping patients make extraordinarily difficult medical decisions with her personal experience of surviving breast cancer and childhood trauma along with her own journey from full time parent to empty-nester together in order to render the magic eight ball obsolete. You can know exactly what you’re going to do with your life once your kids are grown!

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