The Doctor’s Dilemma


Book Description

The Doctor Dilemma is an easy-to-read book for busy physicians who are struggling with burnout, unhappiness, and career dissatisfaction, and may even be wondering if they made a mistake becoming a doctor.

Currently over 50% of physicians across all medical specialties are reporting symptoms of increasing stress and burnout. Sara Dill, MD has been there. She knows how painful it is to secretly wonder if all those years of school and training were a mistake. The Doctor Dilemma reminds doctors why they decided to go into medicine in the first place and helps them outline what their dream job looks like. This timely helper, written by a physician and certified life coach, outlines the tools and steps doctors can take to start feeling better, reverse burnout, and create the dream medical career and work-life balance they want. It’s time for doctors to become the happy and successful healers they always wanted to be.

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