The Divorced Mom Makeover

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Book Description

You can be happy, fulfilled, and experience security, during and post-divorce.

Divorce can mean feeling lost, sad, and scared at times, but guess what? It doesn’t have to. You can learn how to thrive so you can support yourself and your children, today and forever.

In The Divorced Mom Makeover, Jamie Hernandez, a divorced mom of four, uses principles of positive psychology, coupled with her own experiences as a divorced mom and life coach, to help you achieve your highest potential as a divorcee. Learn how to:

  • Feel in control of your divorce
  • Achieve mental calm and stability
  • Parent your children to be resilient
  • Discover your inner strength
  • Feel confident in your financial stability

Divorce may be the end of this chapter, but it’s the beginning of an even better one. It’s time to improve your life, your health, and your happiness post-divorce – and Jamie is here to help.

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