The Diamond Advantage

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The Diamond Advantage
Promote yourself to next level success without losing yourself or the relationships you hold close to your heart.

In The Diamond Advantage, award-winning corporate executive Dr. Heather Simone guides women leaders through a powerful journey to their next-level success. Through compelling personal stories, leadership research, and insightful exercises, Heather outlines a customized strategy that redefines success with purpose, integrity, and significance.

In The Diamond Advantage, Dr. Heather Simone will use her signature PRISM model to teach you:

  • How to find time for yourself and your most treasured relationships without compromising the quality of your work.
  • How to integrate professional and personal aims – in essence, how to have it all!
  • How to women navigate, integrate, and reshape their future with a fresh perspective.
  • How to gain next-level success and find the personal clarity that aligns with your unique brilliance.
  • How to be the owner of your own success, so that you can craft the Diamond strategies around your individual cut, color, and clarity.

The Diamond Advantage seamlessly integrates the five-dimensional model to uncover what matters most, redefining your success paradigm without losing yourself or your valued relationships. Women can have it all. Your time is now … can you afford not to use every minute?

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