The Destiny Roadmap


Book Description

Many people have moments when they feel unfulfilled, like they are caught in a life that no longer fits, but how do they know when to stop shoving the discomfort aside and courageously answer the call to do something else? If you’ve stared across the abyss of The Void—that place where one door has closed and another has yet to open—and wondered what’s on the other side, The Destiny Roadmap is the way to find out. Career and leadership coach Kelli Reese meets readers where they are and empathically guides them on an adventure to discover where their heart wants to be. The Destiny Roadmap is about a journey of trust and offers manageable tools and techniques, along with an exploration of each individual’s Akashic Records, to create a life in alignment with soul calling. Anyone can co-create the life of their dreams, and The Destiny Roadmap shows you how.

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