The Crowdfunding Book


Book Description

Crowdfunding allows a large number of people to finance an idea through small individual contributions. By harnessing the power of collective energy, crowdfunding can get a project off the ground and in the public eye with astounding speed
and success if its done the right way. In this easy-to-use guide, you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to structure your campaign for maximum funding with the least amount of your time and energy
  • Become a magnet to potential funders so they are finding you before you have to go out and find them
  • Access the insiders secrets that helped author, Patty Lennon reach her goal in 14 days and be featured by Indiegogo!
  • Springboard your campaign into social media buzz to create an eager following of campaign evangelists
  • Avoid the mistakes most crowdfunders make so you are part of the elite group of crowdfunders who fund above their goal amount

Drawing from her years of experience in marketing, project planning and communications, as well as, her real-life experience in crowdfunding Patty Lennon provides an easy-to-follow guide to launching a crowdfunding project.

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