The Craft Cannabis Revolution

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Book Description

Build a craft cannabis business that will survive and thrive in the California Green Rush.

It’s the end of an era for the legacy pot growers of California. The green rush has turned into a crush, and the small farmer is being left behind. With regulations being complicated and burdensome and big business hitting the industry hard, you must evolve or go extinct. Your survival is not dependent on changing who you are but, rather, how you conduct business.

The good news is that you have everything you need to succeed. With more than 22 years of cannabis industry and advocacy expertise, author Jonathan Collier offers you the tools, tactics, and resources to feel confident starting a cannabis business and to enjoy a higher quality of life.

In The Craft Cannabis Revolution, Jonathan helps you to:

  • Identify common obstacles and mistakes that could cost/save you hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Learn how to maneuver through state and local regulations and compliance
  • Understand and navigate the dynamic industry environment and its growth stages
  • Develop a strategic foundation that defines your value proposition, target market, and product offerings
  • Discover and choose from 6 working business models that assure sustained success
  • Outline a business plan that makes sense for you

The Craft Cannabis Revolution is about business and what you need to know to successfully build one. Join the craft cannabis movement now!

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