The Color of God


Book Description

The Color of God: America, the Church, and the Politics of Race is a clarion call to racial healing and reconciliation in a racially polarized America, and an urgent message to Black America to rise up and fulfill its divine destiny in the land of its birth. Highlighting the confluence of race, religion, and politics, without being overly polemic, the message contained in its pages will captivate, provoke, educate, occasionally frustrate, and even infuriate you – regardless of which side of the political spectrum you belong to.

What is racism? What are its nuances? How has the Church contributed to the shaping of a racially fragmented society? What is the panacea for America’s racial wounds? How do we foster racial healing and reconciliation in this racially polarized and toxic, yet increasingly pluralistic and multiracial context?

The Color of God highlights the concept of racial healing and reconciliation in America by
•Exposing the cancer of racism as a social, political, economic, and legal construct aimed at subjugation, control, and dominance.
•Highlighting the Church’s historical hypocrisy and, by extension, its complicity, in the creation of a racially fragmented American society and world.
•Questioning the absolute absurdity of blaming the “White man” and racism for all Black and minority woes.
•Provoking the Black body-politic to reject and debunk any false notions and attitudes within the culture that equate deviant and pathological behavior with “Blackness”
•Sensitizing White America to the need to own the damage inflicted by the ideology of White Supremacy on entire populations, and to take steps to mitigate its legacy.
•Elevating the discourse on restorative justice, the “redemption and lift” of Black America, as fundamental to any real healing and reconciliation.
•Inspiring a generation to take America’s “unfinished business” – racial healing and reconciliation – to its logical conclusion.

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