The Clean Switch

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Book Description

Are you ready for real, sustainable health for a lifetime?

This book tells of incredible stories about ordinary people who cleaned up
their eating habits and changed their lives.

If you’re tired of carrying around that extra weight, there’s something here for you. Perhaps you just want to eat healthy but have come to believe it’s just too complicated to make happen. Or maybe you’ve gone through the diets only to fail and repeat in a miserable pattern. This book was written for you!

In this book, author, life coach, and founder of Cali’flour Foods very own Amy Lacey gives you inspiration with true-life stories of high-stake successes, packed with real-life applications that you can implement now to start the change to a healthy lifestyle.

In this book you’ll find:

  • Inspiration through true stories of heartache and success
  • Valuable insight and advice on health and wellness that you can do now, with results!
  • Real and relevant methods that work
  • Delicious recipes that make your life easy and tasty
  • And much more!

With THE CLEAN SWITCH, you are reminded that it’s never too late to change your relationship with food, change your body, and change your life.

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