The Bold Manuveur

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Book Description

All the experts are telling you why you should move up and have a “seat at the table.” This is the playbook on HOW to do it!

You’re ready to be the leader you’ve always dreamt of being, and you’re ready to make the impact you set out to make when you started your career, but you can’t get past the feeling that you’re in another episode of “The Office,” and its demoralizing. University business classes somehow skipped over the whole office politics reality that has the ability to make or break your career.

In The Bold Maneuver, Callie Cummings brings you an engaging no-nonsense, non-apologetic playbook for professional women wanting to break industry and office barriers. With an MA in Global Leadership, thousands of leadership hours under her belt, including leading an all-male combat force in Afghanistan, Callie provides life-tested strategies to outmaneuvering the BS and thriving in the professional world as a woman.

Learn the exact plays to:

  • Decipher the office politics
  • Break through the “good ol’ boys club”
  • Establish credibility and create influence
  • Become a power player and make your mark

Discover the real factors that produce success, outside of education, experience, and hard work, in the playbook that high-achievers play by.

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