The Art of Getting Everything

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Book Description

We go through life negotiating multiple times a day. However, very few of us have been taught the necessary skills to successfully manage every moment. Instead, we spend our waking life focusing on multiple things that might not help us reach our goals, and then experience restless nights still trying to solve issues from the day.
In The Art of Getting Everything, author and management consultant Elizabeth Suárez equips the reader with the necessary tools to identify, pursue, and achieve success in one’s personal and professional life. She guides the reader through real-life examples, highlights specific issues common to young professionals, and constructs a path for achieving the easy wins.

This book offers practical resources and tools for handling conflict and disagreements, as well as straightforward strategies for navigating the world of negotiators. In it, you will learn how to advocate for your “net worth”—income, family, health, and personal interests. The Art of Getting Everything is a must-read for anyone just starting out, looking to make a change, or interested in taking the time to see where they are.

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