The Art of Connected Leadership

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Stop losing your best employees and start building a high-performing team!

Let’s face it – keeping good employees is hard in today’s competitive job market, with its ever-increasing demand to do more with less. Are you trapped in the hire, train, repeat cycle because your best employees keep leaving? Does it feel like whenever you get someone trained and working like a well-oiled machine, they tell you they are leaving because of company culture or lack of growth opportunities? Sometimes it may feel as if you are in the same position on repeat, trying to do more for less – but you don’t have to feel that way.

Author Lyndsay Toensing has fifteen years of experience leading teams, mentoring, and coaching people in startups to Fortune 500 companies. In The Art of Connected Leadership: The Manager’s Guide for Keeping Rock Stars and Building Powerhouse Teams, she will show you how to:

  • See the most common reasons why good people leave a job
  • Set team direction that motivates your employees
  • Build relationships that increase employee loyalty
  • Develop your employees in a way that benefits them (and you)
  • Create a team culture that gets results
  • Help employees love their jobs

You already know you need to stop losing your best employees if you want to start succeeding. It’s time to learn how to keep rock stars and build a powerhouse team.

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