The Aging Boomers


Book Description

Over 30 experts provide answers to critical questions for you, your parents and loved ones!

For Baby Boomers, the topics of conversations with friends went from discussing what formula you’re using with your infants to setting up play dates for your toddlers to scheduling car pools for sporting events. Now, the main topic of conversation for Baby Boomers is talking about parents and their illnesses, challenges, cognitive issues, and more.

Senior care authority Frank Samson assists his Baby Boomer client, Linda, to guide her through the challenges she’s facing with her aging parents. He asks the tough questions to experts in health care, law, aging, and senior services. Many of the answers will surprise you. They’ll also help you immediately in dealing with the realities of situations you’ve never had to deal with before.

Here are some of the conversations you’ll be a part of as you read this book:

•Having difficult conversations with aging parents
•Tips on communicating with someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s
•Dealing with family disagreements regarding aging parents
•Benefits of using an elder law attorney
•Reducing stress by using a professional senior placement agency
•Preparing for the costs of long-term care
•Getting assistance in paying for long-term care
•Comparing the benefits of in-home care and assisted living
•What nursing homes don’t often tell you
•Technology that benefits family caregivers
•Protection from elder abuse
•Taking care of you!

Whether you are confronted with these issues now or want to know how to best deal with these situations in the future, this book will be a beneficial resource and guide for years to come.

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