The Agile CEO

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Book Description

When you find yourself Googling ‘CEO + anxiety + decision-making’, something’s got to give.

It doesn’t have to be your sanity.

As the global economy buckles up for a bumpy ride, you’re under more pressure than ever.

Keeping everyone happy – customers, employees, investors, shareholders – is way more than a full-time job.


Imagine if you could follow a set of simple principles that meant:

  • You were confident in every decision, instead of agonising over who you might infuriate next.
  • You could relax in the knowledge that you’re consistently doing the right thing, instead of constantly bracing for an attack.
  • You were naturally self-assured, and happy to speak in public, instead of dreading being confronted with a microphone.

This isn’t mission impossible.

Your life can be like this right here, right now, when you understand the 7 New Laws of Business and become an Agile CEO.

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